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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find below the answers to some frequently asked questions which may address your concerns


1. How long does it take to ship the order once placed?

Once you place the order on our website, your order is processed manually and usually the order is shipped on next day if placed before 4 PM. If the order is placed after 4 PM, then your order will be shipped within two days.

2. I have placed an order on, can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel the order before it is processed. Once your order gets processed by us, there is no way to cancel it because processing includes confirmation part from the user where if the user has confirmed it manually, we do not offer any cancellations due to nature of products and services.

3. What is manual processing?

Manual processing is a task that we perform in order to process your order on different basis to ensure the best experience for our users. We also contact you for order confirmation which falls under this procedure to ensure that the order you have placed is not done by mistake and we can actually go ahead and process the order. It is helpful for the customers as well as for us since we do not offer cancellation or refunds due to the nature of products/services, so to avoid confusion this task is performed. 

Once you confirm your order, we go ahead and process the order where we take care of things like packaging etc before the order is ready to be shipped.

4. Why don’t you provide refunds/cancellation, what if my order is delivered in non-working condition? 

Due to the nature of our products and services, we don’t have a refunds/cancellation policy yet. However we have got you covered if in case your product is delivered in non-working condition which happens very rarely. We offer replacement of products which are delivered in non-working condition. You can request replacement within 5 days once the order is delivered. Once we receive your request, we do a remote check of the product and approve your request. 

We need you to ship the order back to us since we do not have our own transportation services but nothing to worry about, you can share your courier receipt with us and your courier charges are refunded back to you within 2 hours. Once we receive the defected product at our address, we ship the replacement for you from our side.